It was very early on that the strong will that guided Billy’s path was formed. 
Billy was born with a look of determination on his face.  From the time he was a baby he knew what he wanted and if he didn’t want something, he most certainly found a way to make it known.  Nothing could persuade him and nothing could change his mind if his mind was set.  Just try to tell him no.  HA!

Billy did things on his terms.  He didn’t crawl until he was 8 months old and then he took his first steps at 9 months.  He amazed us at the age of two when he memorized the first 20 Presidents just by looking in the World Book of Knowledge and asking who dat?.  He awed us at the age of 7 when he ran his first 1/2 mile race amongst 50 runners, pulled ahead, and came in first place.  Billy loved competition.  It fueled his fire.  He was involved in all sports, he played hard and he worked hard.  He started working at the age of 15 and saved enough to buy his first car.   School was never his favorite subject, but he forged ahead, he did what he had to do.  He graduated grammar school with honors, he did well in high school and he entered Maritime on a cadet appointed scholarship. 

He lived the way he wanted to live.  In his short time here on earth, he taught me about strength, fortitude, determination and the ability to accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.  He also taught me that if you flashed a smile like that you could probably get anything you wanted as well!  He gave his time to the Church, he gave his time to the young people of the community, he was someone to look up to. 

He loved sports, he loved the water, he loved fishing, he loved animals, he loved candy, he loved snowboarding, he loved family get-togethers, he loved competition, he loved fun, he loved his music.  He loved a party.  He loved the Giants, he loved the Rangers, he loved his heritage.  He loved waffles,  cheeseburgers, Reese’s pieces, chocolate ice cream and he loved beer.  He loved sneakers.  He loved hats.  He loved babies, he loved his girl Laura, he loved his family.  He loved life!

I couldn’t be any prouder, I couldn’t feel any more blessed than to have had Billy in our lives, although for too short a time.   Life is not measured in length of time, but the quality in which it was lived.  Job well done, my boy!

And to all of Billys classmates/shipmates at Maritimethank you for your friendship and for honoring Billy the way you did at the time of his death.  Carry him in your hearts forever and learn from his life.  Whether it be a strong will or just how to have fun!

I Love You My Boy

My heart is filled with unbearable sorrow and
I look ahead and I yearn for tomorrow
For maybe it won’t hurt, and I’ll understand why
You had to leave without saying goodbye

You went to the place where we’ll all meet again
And you’ll wait for me there and I wonder just when
We’ll see each other and all will be right
And we’ll live together in the beautiful light

A place with no pain and never a tear
And I bide my time and I think of you here
Your smile, your laugh, and your handsome young face
And the very first time you won your first race

Or baseball, soccer, swimming and track
Basketball, hockey, you sure had the knack…
for mastering whatever it was you chose to do
You could always accomplish what you put your mind to

Guts, determination and an extremely strong will
I’d always say “That’s my boy, Bill”
“Cause you made me proud, as proud as can be
From the time you were born and when you sat on my knee

When you took your first steps, when you sang your first song
When you started to learn all the rights from the wrongs
And the reading and math, you were a smart lil’ guy
And I’ll never forget how you thought you could fly

The school years went by, and boy, how time passes
You always did well in all of your classes
And the friends that you made will always be true
And it’s not only me, but it’s their heartache too

And the love of your life has her own pain to bear
For she misses the love that the both of you shared
But she’ll carry you closely deep in her heart
And she must try to go on, but you’ll always be part

Of her life and her thoughts that only the two of you know
How you taught her to love and she taught you to grow
into a man that loved with incredible depth
And you’ll live in heart till her very last breath

And your father tries with all of his might
To get through the day and get through the night
without losing his focus and crumbling to the floor
from a pain that no man should have to endure
And your brothers are strong, they hold their heads high
But when I look closely I see the tear in their eye
For you were their idol, their big brother, their friend
And their love for you continues, it grows without end

And the family is different, it’s just not the same
We’ll always be sad when we mention your name
‘cause we miss you my boy, it won’t ever be right
You’re the last thing I think of when I lay my head down at night

And first thing in the morning, at the start of the day
My thoughts turn to you and I start to pray
That God will help me, give me the strength that I know
I will need to go on…. wherever I go

Because the pain wears me down and it’s not easy to smile
As I go through the day and think all the while
Of how proud I am that you were my son
And how I’ll love you my boy ‘till my days are done.

You touched so many people with your Billy Mac way
And all that I ask for at the end of the day
Is for you to watch over us all with your love
Until we come to join you in the heavens above.